Slow Process

Hello everyone,

It’s been a slow process to finish the third book.  I know everyone is impatiently waiting for Cursed to drop.  I can say that the rough manuscript is finished.  I can say that last night, I began the edit for Chapter 1, after a few false starts.  Sometimes, balancing a full time job with creative writing can be challenging.  I don’t want to cheapen the third book by rushing the story out.  Broken and Tainted were released within months of each other;however, I wrote both books simultaneously from 2014-2016, working nonstop on edits and rewrites during those two years.

I can say that Cursed will tie up a lot of lose threads with the Bellwood family and will open up the possibility of more books and/or prequels for future release.  As I have written before, Broken was almost not published.  I was very hesitant to put the story out there because of the content.  Some readers were intrigued, some were shocked, while others were not so pleasant with their reactions.  I did acquire a small, loyal fan base and have received several positive posts/emails pertaining to my books which has made me feel more confident that publishing Broken was the right choice.

It’s been a long, winding road getting my books out there. I never wanted to become famous.  In fact, I’m horribly shy and don’t like the limelight.  I would have used a pen name for my books, but I would like to be recognized for my accomplishments by my given name.  I can only hope that I can continue writing in the future and as my genres grow, I hope I can entertain more and more readers with my tales.

Thank you for stopping by.

Catching Up

Hello everyone,

I’ve gotten a little behind on blogging.  I recently finished the rough draft of Cursed and I’m about to begin the edits and rewrites which will get me another step closer to releasing the 3rd book in the Bellwood family trilogy.

I’ve decided to release a book of short stories based upon the tiny town of Oak Grove, North Carolina.  These tales will have a spin of horror and mystery as well as span several different decades.  One story, entitled, “Turner House Massacre”, will recount what really happened at the old house on the edge of town.  Another story, entitled “Goatman” will tell what happens when two teenage girls spend a night locked in Oak Grove Memorial Cemetery.  The anthology of tales will be a short story, ten chapter book.

And as foretold, the next book after these two books will be a comedy book entitled “Serviced” which will follow the exploits and horrors of working in customer service.

I will keep everyone updated as I go along.

Thanks for stopping by!

Keeping On

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been quite some time since I last made an entry here.  I’ve been busy with work and other projects (I recently bought a game called Planet Coaster and I’ve been devoting some time to playing, being the computer nerd I am).  I have decided to possibly make book 3 somewhat shorter than the first 2 books as of right now.

Why?  In true sequel form, I don’t like for an idea to become stagnant.  Too often, we see good ideas go incredibly bad.  Take any franchise movie out there such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, etc. and after a few sequels, the plots grow thin, the acting ridiculous, the characters seemingly over-the-top.

I loved the original Nightmare on Elm Street.  It’s one of my all time favorite movies.  But by the time we got to Freddy’s Dead, the franchise was becoming trying, even downright ludicrous.  I don’t want this to happen with my characters or their story.

With Broken, I felt like I did something fresh and somewhat unusual.  I took the idea even further in Tainted and elaborated upon that idea, probably shocking my readers.  With Cursed, I seek to wrap up Patrick’s story.  His family fell apart before his very eyes.  Patrick’s father killed himself, essentially leaving all three children orphans.  Growing into young adults has been a rather rocky, tough transition for Patrick, Logan, and Lillian Bellwood.

Patrick’s journey was never meant to be never ending.  Hopefully, the tragedies of the past, warped and horrid as they were to these children, aren’t a repeated occurrence.  I can’t say exactly what is to come with the Bellwood story, but I can tell my readers that I have just landed on the 13th chapter of Cursed.  The series is in the year 2000 now.  And what is coming towards the end of the book will go off…with a real…bang….

Thanks for dropping by.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Progress makes Perfect

Hello everyone,

I have made some headway on the 3rd book, Cursed.  I have progressed to the beginning of Chapter 9 on the third entry into the sordid, dark lives of the Bellwood family.  I’m only a 100 pages into the book right now and I still have to go back and do editing, additions, etc.  But I am confident with the progress that I have made.

For a long time, Cursed, was stalled on Chapter 3 as I put this project off to finalize Broken and Tainted.  And again, Cursed stalled out on Chapter 5 due to my illness.  After several months of rest, I have once again started writing more often, much like I used to.

Needless to say, I hope that Cursed will be able to be released by late summer/early fall of this year.  Here’s hoping to progress!

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Take care and have a good day!

New Year, New Progress

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far.  I just wanted to update you on the progress of Cursed, the 3rd book in the Bellwood Family Series.  I have written the beginning of Chapter 7 of the 3rd book.  Progress is much slower because I work a day shift job (which I love my computer technician job, don’t get me wrong) and I am most creative later at night for some reason.  Unfortunately, I have to be in bed by 11pm at latest now if I’m to function correctly in the mornings, so I don’t get to write late at night like I used to.

I know everyone that was punched in the gut with the cliffhanger that Tainted had.  I will say that there are new twists and turns.  Patrick, Lillian, and Logan are in for even more shocking revelations about their unconventional family in this 3rd book.  Of course, the circumstances and consequences of actions in both Broken and Tainted will be reverberated in Cursed.  Certain relationships, friendships, and choices will really be put to the test in the 3rd book.

I will continue to keep everyone updated as progress continues with Cursed.  I’m excited to have it out to the fans but I would really like to not rush this book and make sure that it’s well worth waiting for.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Take care everyone and have a great New Year!

Seemingly From Another Time…

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas.  As some of you may or may not know, I was stricken with an illness back in October.  I really don’t like to share or talk about my personal life with many people, but due to my illness, I got behind on some of my bills and one of those bills was my Comcast service.

Unfortunately, I did not make the deadline to catch the bill up and so I was without internet services for a little while.  I’ve been playing catch up with everything, because when I got sick and was out of work for almost two weeks, I had no savings, no nest egg, nothing, to help me catch up.

So for a week, I lived pretty much ‘off-the-grid’.  I felt like I was living in another decade, another time.  With today’s technology comes an extreme sense of ‘connectivity’.  It seems as though everything is connected, everything is seemingly at the tips of your fingers.

It was interesting to live a week without being able to just Google something, or hop on Facebook, or be ‘connected’.  I do not have data service on my cell phone, so the only time I was able to ‘connect’ back into the grid was when I was at the library or my mother’s house and I only connected for brief moments of time.

Today I was able to catch up and reconnect my internet services.  It’s odd to be reconnected to the ‘grid’ after all this time off.  But that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the week long solitude.  News travels much slower when you are off the grid.  I did not know about the recent celebrity deaths until a day or two after the fact, for instance.  I think, as a society, we travel at the speed of light and forget to slow down and reevaluate.

During my time off the grid, I was able to focus more on my writing of the 3rd book, Cursed.  I am now on Chapter Six and going of the novel.  I was also able to catch up on some cleaning that I had been putting off.  I also rediscovered the joy of sitting down and just watching a DVD movie.  So while some may feel that not being connected to the ‘grid’ is devastating, I have found that I can still function without being connected.

I recommend treating yourself to some downtime every once in a while.  It’s always a good idea to recharge and re-energize yourself without the constant hustle and bustle of the high paced society that we now live in.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  As progress ensues on Cursed, I will be updating periodically on this blog and through the Facebook Page.  Stop back by anytime.  Take care!


Hello again,

As many of you that may have followed me in the beginning of my journey to publish my first book may have noticed, I have been noticeably quiet since October.  One reason for this was my illness and hospitalization.  Another reason I have been quiet was from the particularly nasty, bitter election season we had this year.

I’m a vocal person about what I believe in and I have a liberal ideology.  I’m from a very conservative area and a lot of my Facebook friends are conservative, so this led to sparring back and forth.  Social media became a little less social for me and more anti-social.  The very bully-like behavior that I write about happening in my first book was, and in some instances, still is happening in the world, particularly on Facebook.

Just recently, I have read in the news about teenagers killing themselves for being bullied through social media, tortured daily because they are accused of being gay or ‘slut-shamed’.  Social media has become bully central or so it would seem.  I’ve thought a few times about deleting my account altogether.  I lived in a time of no Facebook, no texting, no internet as it exists today, and I remember it well.  Unfortunately, my book page is linked to my main account.  So I persist with keeping my Facebook open for now.  I have pretty much given up on Twitter as a thought-provoking media for advertising my books, so I’m rarely on that site anymore.

The third reason I’ve been quiet is because I have started to get the dreaded ‘bad’ reviews I knew that would eventually come about.  I expected bad reviews immediately and was elated into a false sense of security when I started getting 4 & 5 star reviews.  Unfortunately, every author has critics.  When I first thought about this series and the controversial content I would cover, I knew that there would probably be a lot of people not keen on the concepts in my book.

I wrote about situations that people usually only talk about behind closed doors or in secret.  In some instances, especially in towns like Oak Grove, where Broken takes place, controversial issues such as I cover are swept under a rug and not discussed in ‘polite’ company.  My goal as an author, in writing my first few books, was to shed light on situations that are usually kept in the dark and the repercussions that those secrets can bring about.

Of course, being from a small town much like Oak Grove in the fictional world of Broken, I was immediately asked by several people if this book was personally about me or my experiences.  Being an author, I have a vivid imagination.  I can take a seemingly dull situation and make it pop with the right character spin or twist.  I have heard rumors that everything that happened in the book is true, that all my characters are based on real people.  Not exactly true.  As an author, I observe people.  People’s quirks stand out to me, as well as their unique traits.  For instance, Logan Bellwood, may or may not have been a combination of several personalities of boys that I actually remember from school.  That’s the beauty of being an author.  You can create fantasy.  You can pull people into a different world and make them see that world too.

I haven’t been doing too much advertising lately.  I’m sort of gone off the grid and I am valuing my seclusion.  There is a real peace about keeping to yourself.  I have time to be reflective right now.  I will continue to write until I finish the 3rd book and then eventually I will release the 4th book.  If my books never get me famous or amount to anything, at least I can say that I wrote them.  As one of my critics on Amazon said, “Don’t quit your day job”.  I never quit any job.  I still work a full-time job, which I enjoy, working on computers every day.  It’s my nerd dream job come true!  Writing began as a hobby for me.  I didn’t think I would become famous overnight, nor did I really want to be famous.  I never got that interview published in the local paper and for some reason, that makes me relieved.

All I can say in closing is that never give up on your dreams.  If you let what other people think about you, say about you, or feel about you, control your thoughts and actions, you are not an individual anymore.  You have become an enslaved zombie for the masses.  Be strong and be free.  Be creative!  Be positive!  And stay safe!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings and musings.


The consequences of fame

I was at a local store picking up my prescriptions when the young clerk behind the counter said “I know you.  I bought your book.  I recognize you from your picture.” I immediately froze, like a deer in headlights, because I am a shy person by nature.  I try to avoid the limelight, huge crowds of people, etc.  After I unfroze, I admitted that I was the author of the book and asked her what she thought of it.  She told me that she hadn’t gotten to read it yet.  I sort of breathed a small sigh of relief because I have caused eyes to widen and heads to turn with the content I decided to cover in my first set of books.

Writing can be challenging.  I decided to tackle several controversial issues with my first series of books and these books are dark, more seriously toned, than what people close to me would have thought I would have written about.  I didn’t choose to write for fame.  Admittedly, I could have chosen a ‘pen name’ to have a certain anonymity, but I didn’t want that starting out.  I wanted to be recognized as myself, not a false pen name, for my writing; however, I never thought about the ramifications of not using a pen name.

My thoughts harken to remembered cases of famous people being stalked and harmed.  Jodie Foster and John Lennon as well as President Reagan come to mind.  The price of fame can be tough, even devastating, for those not ready to be thrust into the limelight.  I’m hardly famous by any means but I am starting to be recognized and it’s unsettling to think of something like “Misery” happening to me.  Sure, it’s a stretch of my writer’s imagination to think of something as terrifying as “Misery” happening but there is always that slim chance that an unbalanced individual could possible come after me.

I will continue to write and use my real name.  I feel it’s too late to go backwards and try to hide.  My work is out there.  People are starting to know about me, with their opinions either good or bad.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.  If I don’t write again here before the holidays, have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It’s almost turkey time!

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote on the blog.  In October I was diagnosed with an illness.  I didn’t know that I was as sick as I was.  Sometimes we have find that the best thing to do is to make more time for ourselves.  I haven’t really allowed time to take care of myself over the years and unfortunately it seems to have caught up with me.

Before I was hospitalized in October, I managed to write more on the 3rd book of the Bellwood series.  I left off in the middle of the Chapter 4.  Because I need time to rest and regain my strength, I have temporarily stopped writing.

It seems as though when I’m at my most vulnerable the worst things happen to me.  I had my first bad review of my book while I was in the hospital.  I know that there are critics everywhere and even the big name authors can have very scathing reviews, but it felt like a kick in the stomach to receive such a bad review of my first book. I honestly felt like giving up after reading that review, especially since I was feeling vulnerable already from battling a life threatening situation.

I put the bad review and thoughts of giving up writing aside to focus all my energy on getting well again.  So far, I am struggling to get back on track.  I have a restricted schedule presently and have trouble working a full shift at work.  But I still trudge on.  That is one thing about me, I am definitely a fighter.  I don’t like to give up. I will continue to write, but I will have to be slower and more conscientiousness about how and when I do write.  Sessions that I used to do that involved pulling all night type sprees I can not do anymore.

So don’t give up if you are waiting on that 3rd and 4th book.  If you are a fan and have enjoyed my writing, there will be more soon.  A few bad reviews will not stop me from pursuing what I enjoy.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Weekend!

Hello everyone!

This weekend marks my favorite holiday of the year:  Halloween.  Today, my book promotion kicked off.  Broken, my first book in the Bellwood family series, can be downloaded from the Kindle store for absolutely free!  And the sequel, Tainted, will be on sale all weekend as well, for .99 cents.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.  Don’t forget to download my book as you can read it anytime and cold days meant for snuggling up with a book are coming up soon!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!