Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote on the blog.  In October I was diagnosed with an illness.  I didn’t know that I was as sick as I was.  Sometimes we have find that the best thing to do is to make more time for ourselves.  I haven’t really allowed time to take care of myself over the years and unfortunately it seems to have caught up with me.

Before I was hospitalized in October, I managed to write more on the 3rd book of the Bellwood series.  I left off in the middle of the Chapter 4.  Because I need time to rest and regain my strength, I have temporarily stopped writing.

It seems as though when I’m at my most vulnerable the worst things happen to me.  I had my first bad review of my book while I was in the hospital.  I know that there are critics everywhere and even the big name authors can have very scathing reviews, but it felt like a kick in the stomach to receive such a bad review of my first book. I honestly felt like giving up after reading that review, especially since I was feeling vulnerable already from battling a life threatening situation.

I put the bad review and thoughts of giving up writing aside to focus all my energy on getting well again.  So far, I am struggling to get back on track.  I have a restricted schedule presently and have trouble working a full shift at work.  But I still trudge on.  That is one thing about me, I am definitely a fighter.  I don’t like to give up. I will continue to write, but I will have to be slower and more conscientiousness about how and when I do write.  Sessions that I used to do that involved pulling all night type sprees I can not do anymore.

So don’t give up if you are waiting on that 3rd and 4th book.  If you are a fan and have enjoyed my writing, there will be more soon.  A few bad reviews will not stop me from pursuing what I enjoy.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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