Halloween, as I’ve stated before, is my favorite time of year.  I absolutely love when the trees begin to change colors, the smell of wood smoke is saturating the air, and all the fall festivities and decorations start to appear.  As a special way of celebrating this Halloween, I’m running my promotional sale from Oct. 28th-October 31st.

During the Halloween weekend, Broken will be FREE to download to the Kindle.  That’s right!  Absolutely FREE!  Tainted, the sequel, will be on sale for .99 cents as well the entire weekend.

Don’t have a Kindle?  The Kindle App can be downloaded onto just about anything.  Tablets, cellphones, desktops, laptops, etc.  I personally have the Kindle App on my laptop and desktop computers and have enjoyed reading eBooks from the comfort of my desk or sitting on the couch with my laptop.

Please feel free to download the first book.  Once downloaded, it’s yours to keep.  All I ask is that you write a review when you have finished the book.  Good, bad, in-between, I appreciate your feedback as a writer.

If you don’t hear back from me before, have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Haunting!


2 thoughts on “A Halloween Treat for Everyone!

    1. Hello Vicki. Thank you for your support and I’m delighted that you are enjoying my dark tale of the Bellwood family. Yes, there will be a third and possibly final book, entitled Cursed. If you’ve been wondering about that mysterious rich family from South Carolina, Cursed will delve into further detail about the Corwinne family and their huge mansion that is full of secrets…secrets so horrible, some might kill to keep them buried….


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