Hello everyone,

After a few false starts, I was finally able to sit down and work on the beginning chapters of Cursed tonight.  I had written 36 pages of story before I decided to stop to finish Broken and Tainted for publishing.  Tonight, I finally got to go backwards and correct all the things that have changed in Cursed from the changes that happened in Broken and Tainted.  The story grabbed my attention immediately.  I was drawn in from the first page.  I’m at the beginning of Chapter 3 of Cursed.  I can’t believe that I’m about to write yet another book in the span of only 2 years!  I had all but given up my dreams of becoming an author when I graduated high school but here I am, 16 years later, doing something that others sometimes only dream of doing.  I will be heading further into Chapter 3 starting tomorrow.  I was writing every day after work but that schedule is strenuous.  I don’t want to rush a good thing.  I don’t want to become one of those authors that start writing so mechanically that their works sort of become like processed garbage, cheesy and cheaply written.  So I’ll be taking a bit of extra time producing this finale in the Bellwood trilogy.  I’ll be keeping everyone updated as I began to write again.  Part of the fun of my Facebook status’s of the last two years was my constant little updates on my news feed. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.


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