A work in progress

Hello everyone,

After a few false starts, I was finally able to sit down and work on the beginning chapters of Cursed tonight.  I had written 36 pages of story before I decided to stop to finish Broken and Tainted for publishing.  Tonight, I finally got to go backwards and correct all the things that have changed in Cursed from the changes that happened in Broken and Tainted.  The story grabbed my attention immediately.  I was drawn in from the first page.  I’m at the beginning of Chapter 3 of Cursed.  I can’t believe that I’m about to write yet another book in the span of only 2 years!  I had all but given up my dreams of becoming an author when I graduated high school but here I am, 16 years later, doing something that others sometimes only dream of doing.  I will be heading further into Chapter 3 starting tomorrow.  I was writing every day after work but that schedule is strenuous.  I don’t want to rush a good thing.  I don’t want to become one of those authors that start writing so mechanically that their works sort of become like processed garbage, cheesy and cheaply written.  So I’ll be taking a bit of extra time producing this finale in the Bellwood trilogy.  I’ll be keeping everyone updated as I began to write again.  Part of the fun of my Facebook status’s of the last two years was my constant little updates on my news feed. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.


Book releases

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce the release of Tainted in both Kindle and paperback versions.  Though I’ve been getting great feedback from readers about the first book, I’m still a little nervous about the second book, where I decided to “up the ante” so to speak.  I’m curious to know how the reactions to the sequel will be.

In other news, I’ve been getting a little discouraged about writing lately.  It may be the time of season too.  A year ago around this time, my dad passed away due to a prolonged illness.  In remembering him, I couldn’t help but become sad, so I don’t know if that is what has me down or if it’s something else?

The revelation that no one in my local news outlet seems to care that I’ve written a book was also a small blow to me as well.  I was ‘interviewed’ by someone from the local newspaper and was told my article would be in an upcoming issue, but that was over two months ago.  When attempting to reach out and contact this reporter, they are pretty dodgy with me so I’ve stopped trying to contact them.  It’s almost criminal that when something good comes out of a community as small as mine that it’s not recognized unless it’s something to do with a prominent local or has something to do with something to do with a trivial issue.

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that I know that if I ever do become bigger than just a few small reviews on amazon, that I will always remember how I was treated.  It’s one thing to offer to pay for your own article and be told that you will get an interview instead, but another thing to just pretty much give someone an interview and then brush them off like they are nothing, like their story doesn’t matter because it has nothing to do with meth arrests, a local beard growing contest, or how someone felt offended at a council meeting.  It’s their loss, not mine, and it reflects a lot about the character of their newspapers and the reporters that they employ.

Anyways, if you buy Tainted or even Broken, I really appreciate your support.  It means a lot to me, especially your reviews on amazon.com.

“Tainted” is finally here!!!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long 2 years, but the second book of the Bellwood family is now ready for release.  A whopping 590 pages, this book will continue the saga of Patrick Bellwood and his siblings, as they struggle to stay together after the suicide of their father.  The third book in the Bellwood family series, Cursed, is currently being written.  I will be switching genres and heading toward comedy with the 4th book, aptly entitled SERVICED, this book will follow the adventures of a young 20-something who meanders their way through a series of dead-end customer service jobs before landing in one of the craziest jobs they’ve ever encountered:  A porn store clerk.  Complete with the raunchy goodness of crazy stripper names, odd customers, and true to life experiences, I think SERVICED will be fun for everyone who has ever worked in the customer service field.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  I will keep everyone updated on the progress of Cursed.

“Tainted” Submission

It’s been 2 long years and a lot of very tedious work.  I’ve made sacrifices to make sure both of these books were written and published.  Today, I submitted the file for “Tainted” for finalization.  My plan is to order a proof copy and see if there are any errors, correct those errors and then resubmit if necessary.  I did not do this with Broken and I regretted my decision, but I’m learning how to do all these different departments by myself because I’m an independent author.  Now, as I begin work on the 3rd and possibly final book of the Bellwood family series, I can’t help but be proud of my accomplishments.  Some people wait their whole lives to achieve their dream.  My goal was to write and publish a book.  I have not only one published book now, but a 2nd one about to release and a 3rd one on the way.  It’s never too late to achieve your goals or dreams.  The only thing stopping you is your own self-doubt.  Thank you for dropping by to read my blog.  Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming release of “Tainted”