Fall is near!

As I was thinking about my father today and his passing, I couldn’t help but perk myself out of my funk I’ve been in.  If there is one thing that my dad would have not wanted me to do it would have been to mope about.  He was always doing something, working on chopping wood, working on a project in the basement, trying to fix a car or piece of equipment, such as his weed eater.  He never allowed himself to feel sorry for himself.  He was always on the go until his illness stole his vitality from him.  And even then, his body gnarled and twisted, he still wanted to get off the couch and go.  I decided today not to be depressed any longer as I know my dad would have not wanted this.

September 17th will be here before I know it and I still have some edits and rewrites to apply to Tainted.  I am very excited to share the sequel to Broken with everyone.  The sequel continues to explore the darkness that has befallen the Bellwood children and there are several twists and turns that readers may not be expecting.  I still am in shock about publishing the first book, Broken.  It still feels like a dream.  I have had many words of encouragement and many good reviews.  I really appreciate the support.  So without anymore waiting, I will be working diligently to get Tainted released shortly.  I hope everyone is as excited as I am.


I’ve been rather quiet

I know I’ve been rather quiet lately.  There is a reason for that.  A year ago, this very week, my father was in the hospital struggling for his life.  As many of you may know, he did not make it.  In retrospect, I know it was best for him to leave his shattered body behind and he is no longer struggling just to take a breath of air.  And I know that he would have been very proud of me and my accomplishment of publishing a book.  He knew that I was close to completing the book last year before he fell ill. I plan on taking a weekend of reflection, to remember him, as my father passed on August 28th of last year.

Book Reviews

Hello again.  I just wanted to remind everyone that has read Broken, that if you have not already done so, please go to Amazon.com and leave a review.  Any review is fine.  I can take criticism.  If I can get 50 reviews for my book, Amazon will start promoting it for free which is the lifeblood of an Indie author.  I have no big publishing company backing me and I am my own marketing department.  Once again, I would like to thank everyone that has purchased Broken.  I appreciate your support.  I am looking forward to the release of the sequel to Broken, Tainted, which is coming very soon.  I will keep everyone updated about Tainted’s release.

Sale on Kindle version of Broken

Hello everyone!  Just as I promised in my last blog, the Kindle version of Broken is now on sale for .99 cents!  So if you were curious about the story or just in the mood for something new to read, now is the time to buy.  Thanks for your support.


Gearing up for Tainted’s Release

Hello everyone!  As I am gearing up for the second book’s release, I have decided to put the Kindle version of Broken on sale for a limited time at only .99 cents.  It may take up to 72 hours for the price change to take effect, but once it has changed, I’ll let everyone know.  If you are curious about the book, or just in the mood for something new to read, Broken may be just what you are looking for!  Thank you everyone, once again, for your support!

About that 3rd Bellwood family book….

Collapsed the 3 chapters I had previously written into one master file this evening.  From now on, instead of writing separate chapters and then combining them later, I’ll just write one continuous book.  This is to make my life easier.  I had some technical difficulties with the first book, Broken, when I tried to combine all the separated chapters into one big book.  With Tainted, I went ahead and combined them before editing.  Anyways,  I can’t wait to begin the 3rd chapter of the dark story surrounding Patrick Bellwood and his unusual family….CursedPromo

Two out of Three Ain’t Bad…

Hello everyone!  I’m excited about the release of the second book of the Bellwood family series, Tainted.  I am starting to work on the 3rd book of this series, entitled Cursed, as I gear up for the release, so I’ll be pretty busy in the upcoming months.  October is one of my favorite months of the year because I love Halloween.  I can’t wait until I see the leaves turn bright orange, yellow, and brown and smell the crisp air.  Ironically enough, Cursed will start in October of 1999.  As the release date for Tainted draws nearer, I will keep everyone informed about exactly when they can purchase the book.  Remember, for all you Kindle readers, Tainted is available for pre-orders right now.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.