Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates.  As you know, I’m constantly busy with writing and editing.  When you are an Indie author, you are not only your own publicist, you also have to juggle editing, formatting, keeping up with your book’s websites and all that fun stuff.

I have sold a pretty good share of books so far.  I am virtually unknown as an author so that is encouraging.  Of course, my Kindle book sales outweigh my paperback books sales.  A lot of people like to read on the go and Kindle provides them with that ease of use.  That’s why I’m putting all my books into Kindle format as well going forward.

Now for the fun news.  My second book, Tainted, the sequel to Broken, will be here very soon.  I had predicted that I would release the book by Fall/Winter 2016, but I’m fairly confident that Tainted will release before this date.  Probably by the end of August, early September at latest is what I’m shooting for.

I will be having a very exciting event happen on July 15th!!!  I’m not saying what yet, but stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Updates & the future of my writing

  1. You’re doing an awesome Job! Proud of you for working so hard to make your dreams come true while holding a full time job! Always be you and never stop chasing what you want! ♡


    1. Thank you so much, Jessica. It has been hard at times to do everything at once, but I approach it as with everything I do in life. I try to keep a clear head, make a plan, and do it, no matter what the setbacks are.


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